• Live2496 is the program of choice for recording with PDAudio. Gidluck Mastering was actively involved with PDAudio from the get-go. And I have developed a product that records with bit accuracy. Thousands of hours have been put into the product development and testing, and I have chosen to support PDAudio like no other. With your purchase you will get responsive email support. Since I have a limited market, you are important to me and I value our relationship. Your purchase is the beginning of that ongoing relationship.

  • The software just works! I have heard from many satisfied users, sometimes years afterwards that report that they are very satisfied with the software and they want to know if a newer version is available.

  • Upgrades are still free! However, in 2008 I will be increasing the purchase price to $99. This is a very specialized application and the number of new sales continue to fall annually. There aren't as many new suitable PDA's out there anymore for PDAudio and there are now many alternatives in flash based recorders. However, I continue to make sales because of the programability and the ability of the software to work with handheld preamps with digital output like the Core Sound MIC2496 and 4MIC.

    > LIVE2496 is still a good deal at 99 $US.
  • I have helped a growing number of court reporters that have had problematic wav files on their laptop computers. If you have a file that won't play in Windows Media, likely I can help. Send no payment until the work is completed and you are 100% satisfied with the result. Contact Gordon. The button below is for payment using paypal and is provided for your convenience.

  • To send me a file, you can use a free service like www.yousendit.com (if the file is less than 100mb), or for bigger files I have an ftp server and can provide you with hostname and login info upon request.

    > Court Reporter WAV File Recovery Service 25 $US.